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Ransomware roundtable: Is this the new spam?

Ransomware roundtable: Is this the new spam?
Brad Anderson meets up with a bona fide IT celebrity – The father of PowerShell and Microsoft Technical Fellow – Jeffrey Snover
Logs Are Just One Piece of the Puzzle
Ransomware in Targeted Attack
Microsoft Cloud App Security overview
Planning for Chaos
Introduction to Microsoft Cloud App Security
Data Discovery, Data Classification
What a Locky Ransomware attack looks like
How to recover your system from a Ransomware attack
Security Sessions: Ransomware as a service on the rise
Security Sessions: The CSO's role in active shooter planning
Security Sessions: Why CSOs should care about machine learning
Prevention is the Corner Stone of Cyber Security
How do Tinder Bots Work?
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Ensures Data Security

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