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3 reasons why companies struggle with incident detection

A new F-Secure report finds that companies are struggling to accurately detect security incidents. Here’s a few reasons that make incident detection so difficult, and some advice on how to spot attackers sooner rather than later.

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Can you handle the cyber security stress test?

Cyber security’s important. But you can’t know what you don’t know. So F-Secure Labs created this test to find out whether your approach to cyber security is as solid as you think (and hope) it is.

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How to detect targeted cyber attacks: the importance of context

Cyber security is high in our collective awareness and we have more advanced technologies available than ever before. Still, companies struggle to detect breaches.

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Your enterprise data may be just a search away: Secure it now

There are a whole host of reasons why organizations should consider encrypting their sensitive data: for protection, for legal reasons, to comply with global compliance policies and safeguard customer interests. 

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7 Pro Tips for Vulnerability Management

Managing vulnerabilities in an organization's network is often an overwhelming job that's never done. But with the help of automation and with proper prioritization, security teams can stay on top of the task.

$660,000 data privacy fine highlights dangers for businesses dabbling in politics

A year into an investigation into the use of data analytics in political campaigns, the U.K.’s privacy watchdog is hitting companies that shared data with political parties with sanctions including a criminal prosecution and a US$660,000 fine.

China's data privacy law came into effect this May - and it was inspired by GDPR

This year China quietly released the final version of a new data privacy standard that goes even further than the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and places EU and Chinese data legislation on a far more level footing than American data law.

GDPR has arrived: Here's what will happen next

GDPR is finally here, but the story doesn't end at the implementation date.

‘EternalBlue’ continues to be a popular threat actor among cybercriminals: Seqrite

Over 18 Million hits of Ransomware and Cryptomining campaigns in 2017-2018. ‘EternalBlue’ is the deadliest exploit leaked by hacking group known as Shadow Brokers in April last year.

Businesses join to create enterprise standard for blockchain networks

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, a group made up of 500 businesses, has published its first standard for a business-centric distributed ledger that promises to speed up transactions while increasing privacy.

Google details how it will overturn encryption signals in Chrome

Google has fleshed out its plans to upend the way browsers warn users of insecure websites, spelling out gradual steps the company will take with Chrome.