Mohd. Shadab Siddiqui
CSO Jun 26th 2017

Shadab Siddiqui is a security enthusiastic person, who loves to learn and explore. Siddiqui has been exploring things in enterprise security for a long time now and has good hands on experience in the e-commerce sector, payment gateways, mobile security, logistic product, and digital signing.

He has bootstrapped security engineering team multiple times, and have experience around building security automation products, real-time detection of attack anomalies, evangelizing security, designing policies, compliance, cryptography and ensuring the product security.

Siddiqui's core strengths include strong analytical aptitude with thought leadership at both forest and leaf level, the ability to articulate vision and concept to senior management, drive conversation among diverse teams, execution competency in developing actionable plans, and capturing key issues and adapting to moving targets.