Sharad Sadadekar
CSO Jun 26th 2017

Sharad Sadadekar’s 21 years of experience in the field of cybersecurity and IT Governance has been widely praised in the industry. The winner of the Best Performing CISO from 2011-2016, and the Best Performing CISO by Infosec Maestros 2014-2017 and now a CSO 100 Award winner 2017, has performed diverse strategic roles in the areas of IT management.

Additionally, Sadadekar has experience in Performance Engineering with expertise in Datacenter Management, Networking, Disaster Recovery (BCP) and Financial Domain Applications.

IT Facility Management, Project Planning and Management, Business Process Management, Business and Technical Analysis and Project Implementation are some of the areas Sadadekar is adept at. He was the core member of strategic Artificial Intelligence- Robotics program that is aimed at bringing out operational efficiency across the business value chain.