Gokul Chandar D S

At Karur Vysya Bank, an Information Security Management System (ISMS) around charter and policy was set up. Gokul Chandar oversaw the development of new security baselines for all technology environments. The bank also implemented endpoint security, mail gateway, server security and sandbox. SPF and DKIM controls were implemented. The dark web was monitored to identify phishing, trojan and pharming attacks. 

CSO Jun 29th 2017 A-A+

Gokul Chandar, DGM and CISO at Karur Vysya Bank, has over three decades of operations and IT auditing experience with leading banking and financial service institutions. He started his banking career with Canara Bank, following which he led a team and managed information systems audits for ICICI Bank and ICICI Infotech. At Mashreq Bank, Chandar played a pivotal role in the bank being certified by the Institute of Internal Auditors, USA for adhering to the professional standards and practices in internal auditing.

Key Security Initiatives
As CISO at Karur Vysya Bank, Gokul Chandar helped the bank overcome challenges around staff awareness, technical skills, legacy systems and procedures, and remote management of operational aspects.

An Information Security Management System (ISMS) was created comprising charter and policy. Security baselines were newly developed for all technology environments in the bank, and the patch management process was also strengthened.

Additionally, firewalls separating the internet from the bank was refreshed with intrusion prevention capability to strengthen the bank’s network perimeter. A web application firewall was implemented to protect the web applications from layer-7 attacks. Comprehensive security suite to protect endpoints, servers, ATMs, web gateways and mail gateways with Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) ability was also set up.