Capt Kannu Pathania

Capt Kannu Pathania has been closely involved to protect context-aware information embedded with user behavior and big data analytics at Wipro.

CSO Jun 21st 2018 A-A+

Capt Kannu Pathania heads Information Protection portfolio in Wipro in addition of wearing the hat of CISO of Wipro BPO. Trained in law, armed with LLM(Criminology) and PGDBA she is committed to lead cross-disciplinary strategic initiatives. She has also served with the Indian Armed Forces as an officer of JAG Corps-Army. In her previous role in Telecom she was part of Legal and Corporate Affair Teams and has handled intricacies of some of the most stringent regulatory regime. She is a trained mediator and is involved in supporting social causes, legal aid and a strong enthusiast for pro-bono advocacy.

Key Security Initiatives
Capt Pathania has been closely involved with managing information protection in the hybrid technology environment, where information is stored and processed in multi-tenants access from different types of devices, from varied locations. The solution implemented at Wipro was context-aware information protection embedded with user behavior and big data analytics on various other events of interest.

Awards Won

CSO100 Award 2018