Irshad Saifi

At Havells India, Irshad Saifi has moved away from conventional quarterly vulnerability assessment to real time vulnerability assessment.

CSO Jun 26th 2017

Irshad Saifi is the AVP IT and Information Security at the Havells India and has an IT experience of more than 19 years. He has managed USD10m plus IT budget and has been successful in transforming IT organization, delivering results, formulating long term strategy, cost reduction, global planning, capacity/cost projections, IT governance, and business solutions. 

Key Security Initiative

There have been couple of initiative taken by Irshad to transform security in the organization, some of them are: 1. Real time Information Security maturity analytics and dashboard: - This initiative helped him and the CXO's to look at the information security maturity at any point in time and its historical trend. This has been a key challenge in information security and they have successfully got this implemented. 2. Web application firewall: - This initiative has helped all of their portal security for both inside and outside threat and secure the applications. 3. Data Leakage Protection: - This initiative has helped organization to secure data and avoid its leakage at all channels i.e. Email, Endpoint and Network. 4. Data Classification: - They have implemented data classification policy and implemented its tool to categorize the sensitive information of the organization and to protect them. 5. Next Generation Firewall: - They have replaced old and conventional firewalls to world's number-1 firewall to protect the perimeter along with IDS, IPS and advanced threat protection. 6. Hard disk encryption: - They have protected all their data at store to be encrypted and avoid data leakage which may cause due to asset lost or stolen. 7. Advanced threat protection: - They have protected their systems with advanced threat protection system to protect from zero-day attacks. 8. Web Security (Hybrid): - They have implemented best in class technology to protect their users from web security threats for both on-premise and out of premise.