Ravikumar L R

Ravikumar LR guided the evaluation of SIEM solutions along with SOC services for effective monitoring at United Breweries.

CSO Jun 28th 2017 A-A+

Currently overseeing United Breweries’ security operations, Ravikumar is also a CPISI practitioner with over 16 years of industry experience. With proficiency in cyber security, information security, information technology systems and network security, he is an expert in effective in information security consulting, managing engagements, information security operations, governance risk and compliance, planning, performing, and managing audits.

Key Security Initiatives

At United Breweries, under the leadership of Ravikumar, SIEM solutions were evaluated along with SOC services for effective monitoring. Currently the solution has been implemented, and offline manual monitoring and fine tuning is in progress. The solution enabled UB to detect on-time business threats and have response plans for mitigation accordingly.