Shitij Bhatia

At Lupin, Shitij Bhatia implemented security solutions across two phases—virtual patching for the datacenter, and then protection for servers, network and email. Considering the possibility of future migration to cloud they implemented a future-proof solution with cloud capabilities. 

CSO Jun 21st 2018 A-A+

With around 10 years of experience in the industry, Shitij Bhatia is currently the manager of cybersecurity and IT compliance at Lupin. His expertise lies majorly in areas like setting up information security and IT infrastructure, information and data security, information security audits and compliance, and information security risk framework.

Key security initiatives

The increased threat landscape that included advanced malware and cybercrime attacks, caused Lupin to seek a comprehensive solution that would plug all holes in the security landscape. It included equipping its servers, network and email, with adequate protection from vulnerabilities before an exploitation could occur. 

The possibility of future migration to the cloud also required a future-proof solution that came equipped with cloud capabilities. They implemented a solution across two phases. The first phase involved shielding the datacenter from vulnerabilities through virtual patching. The second phase protected the endpoints, email and network by eliminating security gaps in the endpoints and by offering 360-degree visibility of the networks.

Awards Won

CSO100 Award 2018