Sujoy Brahmachari

At Hero Motorcorp, Sujoy Brahmachari spearheaded the implementation of data loss protection (DLP) and information rights management (IRM) solutions. They monitored employee use of sensitive data, blocked risk behaviours, and sensitized employees towards behavioural change.

CSO Jun 27th 2017 A-A+

Sujoy Brahmachari has 25+ years of experience in planning, designing, implementing and handling IT infrastructure and information security solutions to enhance business productivity, competitiveness, and continuity. Currently, he works as a Senior General Manager at Hero MotoCorp Ltd. and is responsible for information security, IT infrastructure operation and IT procurement activities in the organization. Apart from this responsibility, he plays a vital role on IT enablement at Hero MotoCorp. As CISO of Hero MotoCorp, he has deployed multi-layered best of breed security solutions to avoid threats not only to internal employees but also for external partners/vendors etc. He also led projects that have significantly helped Hero MotoCorp in terms of reducing costs, improving productivity, improving security, improving customer satisfaction and hence impacting both the top line and bottom line of the organization.

Key Security Initiative 

Hero MotoCorp implemented DLP and IRM solutions which were able to identify sensitive data across IT infrastructure. They were able to monitor how employees use sensitive data and block sensitive data loss activities. Imbibe a behavioural change in employees and sensitizing them about information security. Employees were educated in real time about data security policies. It helped in enforcement and automation of corporate policies and processes which in-turn improved technical and organizational efficiencies, promote compliance, and provide methods for more comprehensive information governance.