Sujoy Brahmachari
Senior GM and CISO Hero MotoCorp
CSO Jun 27th 2017

Sujoy Brahmachari has 24 years of experience in planning, designing, implementing and handling IT infrastructure and information security solutions to enhance business productivity, competitiveness, and continuity. He holds a degree in electronics engineering, as well as many certifications in information technology.

Currently, Brahmachari works as a senior general manager at Hero MotoCorp and is responsible for information security, IT infrastructure operation and IT procurement activities in the organization. Apart from this responsibility, he plays a vital role on IT enablement at Hero MotoCorp.

As CISO of Hero MotoCorp, Brahmachari has deployed multi-layered best of breed security solutions to avoid threats not only to internal employees but also for external partners/vendors etc. He also led projects that have significantly helped Hero MotoCorp in terms of reducing costs, improving productivity, improving security, improving customer satisfaction and hence impacting both the top line and bottom line of the organization.

Brahmachari believes the roles he has played throughout the career has given him quality experience in managing technical challenges and recently has been taking a deeper dive into the strategic side of the business. Leveraging the understanding of technology and use it in solving core business issues is what he aspires to do in the coming future.