Security is a machine-to-machine war; not human-to-machine anymore: Bharath Kalyanram, Oracle

It is a VUCA world. Amidst the clutter, it is hard to tell which is real threat and which is just noise. This is the battle of machine to machine; it can’t be done human to machine anymore.

Enterprises need to realize what their trusted security framework looks like, and what it should look like, in a way that enables agility and compliance across their environment, said Bharath Kalyanram, Vice President Software Product Development, Oracle. He was speaking at the IDG Security Day Symposium and CSO100 Awards in Faridabad.

He spoke about how the enterprises can secure their cloud journey, and how Oracle's new system The Trust Fabric can help enterprises to achieve it, and focused on how emerging changes in the cloud will impact enterprise security.

Watch Ramanand Kambli address India's top-notch security heads at the IDG Security Day & CSO100 Awards. Prefer to read the edited excerpts? Read on.


Talking about Oracle's role in protecting and dealing with the trust issues for the enterprises, Kalyanram said, “Layered fabric of trust provides in-depth defence to protect enterprise's critical data. Autonomous technologies stitch this together and we can take this beyond where we are today in human to machine interaction and human to machine intervention. Think how you in your enterprises can leverage this trust fabric and build this entire landscape of trust for your own enterprises.”

The challenges are vast, especially in cloud journey. With the complexity and higher scale of technologies the security scene has gone extremely VUCA- volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. He said, “You have got far more complex actors and bad guys in there including your own employees. This leads to absolute explosion of access and information that comes to us about security incidents.”

He also emphasized how difficult is current situation to identify a threat and a noise and how machine can only help us from these trust issues. He said, “It is a war. We are at war every day. Every time these threats are real, constant and they are mutating. Even as we are speaking, I am sure there is somebody trying a whole new way of attacking us and getting into our systems. We are receiving threats and noise and it is hard to tell which is credible threat and which is just noise. This is the battle of machine to machine; it can’t be done human to machine anymore.”

What is Oracle’s trust fabric?
Talking about Trust Fabric, Kalyanram said, “It is a new way of thinking security. The old way we have been doing it using tools of the past is no longer sufficient to combat the sheer volume and technology complexity. The trust fabric is building three things: a trusted platform to build secure applications and operate with the conviction that the data is secure, the agility for you to move to the cloud at your pace and your timeline, and compliance with regulations and standards.