Women security experts highlight cyber crime prevention tips

On International Women’s Day, top women security experts highlight the various initiatives organizations can implement to mitigate cyber security threats and a word of advice for women CISOs.

Cybersecurity has become a hot button issue. Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are having sleepless nights to keep their network secure. In the cybersecurity space, around half a million attacks are happening every minute.

According to experts, creative ransomware, IoT and internal threats are likely to illuminate this year. Over the last few years, the rapid growth of cloud services, and a flood of new devices are challenging traditional methods of protecting everything digital. As the threat landscape changes, the approach to mitigate the threats should also change.

It is heartening to see the determined women technology startups, battling out to secure the tech environment, showing their appreciable talent in creating firewalls and a safer environment. They have shown the skill, innovativeness and ‘crypto-wisdom’ with envious leadership norms which augur well for a better tomorrow across the tech milieu.

Having said that, on International Women’s Day, we reached out to top women security experts who gave their two cents on the rights steps to undertake to ensure safety. 

Jamuna Swamy, Head-cybersecurity practice, Hexaware Technologies 

PhotoThe threat landscape keeps on changing with the advancement of technology. Organizations should look at every stage how data needs to be protected. They need to have many strategies to avoid threats like an incident response system. They need to be more proactive and not reactive in their approach.

Businesses are looking at new strategies to become resilient. At present, organizations are focusing on cloud security, mobile application development and penetration testing to mitigate threats.

CSOs should understand the business risks and implement the required controls to mitigate threats.

Lopa Mudraa Basuu, Vice President Information and Cyber security Risk Practice, GTIS

photoCompanies do not have the required number of people to protect the cyber space today. It is very important to have the best breed of cyber professionals and groom them. They need to be groomed from a technological and business perspective. Also, organizations should be laying razor sharp focus on cybersecurity portfolio development.

At the same time, all firms should have a vision of high commitment towards security and compliance.

Sangeeta Gupta, Director IT, Teri University

PhotoEducational institutes contemplating adopting cloud need to lay supreme importance on security. It should not be in isolation and the deployment needs to include stakeholders as well.

I believe that there should be training programs for faculty members and students. At the same time, educational institutes need to have security policies and guidelines to protect themselves from cyber threats.