Data exploitation is on rise, secure your assets: Akshay Aggarwal, Oracle India

While newer technologies offer better opportunities to respond to information security threats, enterprises need to ensure right checks and balances.

The keywords of the decade, digital transformation, have disrupted industries, companies and technologies alike. However, security concerns are just becoming harsher, with better planned attacks and targeted breaches.

With newer technologies providing massive opportunities for exploitation of critical enterprise data, Akshay Aggarwal, director and solution specialist at Oracle India spoke to CSO Online on how the Indian enterprise can ensure that they stay ahead of the accompanied security threats.

How are newer technologies impacting the Indian enterprise?

New technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics can have a massive impact on the economy with the help of cognitive decision making. AI works to amplify capabilities of machines, inculcating creativity. While these technologies offer a better opportunity to identify and respond to information security, it’s critical to ensure the right checks and balances, starting with the right access control mechanisms.

These technologies continually provide new arenas for unauthorized data exploitation, as well as new ways for accidental or deliberate misuse to affect even stable products and environments. Today, evolution involves a globally changing technological and cultural environment, in which security concerns affect both the use of existing solutions and the development of new ones.

To what extent is the Indian enterprise prepared for a large scale security breach?

With the introduction of new technologies, it has been observed that there has been a significant increase in data exploitation. The need of the hour is to secure the most crucial information assets. Consumerization, containerization, cloud, mobile and IoT have multiplied security concerns in the Indian market. Therefore, the concerns of Indian enterprises in the security space are valid.

The demand for a security platform which is intelligent, integrated and comprehensive in nature is high. Enterprises are more proactive with threat preemption and risk mitigation. Security is more a dynamic requirement and we’re seeing increased appetite with companies to foolproof their information security apparatus.

With smarter and more adaptive malwares, how can security vendors ensure that their products stay ahead of these threats?

For security vendors, it is paramount that everything works towards constantly innovating in order to offer best-in-class security solutions. The need of the hour demands solutions which support ingestion of any machine or user data from on premise or cloud based infrastructure, addressing today’s security monitoring challenges through comprehensive security threat detection, investigation and remediation.

Vendors need to incorporate integrated and intelligent security monitoring, threat detection, and analytics and remediation across heterogeneous and hybrid clouds, powered by comprehensive identity context and enforcement.