Bit Defender to rebuild robust security channels in India: Alexandru Ionitescu

The security company plans to work with niche security partners in India, says Alexandru Ionitescu, APAC BDM at Bit Defender.

Information Security has emerged as a critical business concern over the last few years.  Romania headquartered Bit Defender is yet another security solutions vendor which is looking to strngthen its channel in India.

Bit Defender has tested the Indian market a few times in the past with limited success.“We would like to start afresh in India and emerge as a strong and serious player. Unlike our earlier attempts to make inroads into the Indian market, we are in for long term play this time,” says Alexandru Ionitescu, business development manager, APAC, Bit Defender in an exclusive interview with ChannelWorld India.

What are the key opportunities for Bit Defender in India and why? 

We are well aware that Indian market is highly competitive at the moment but so are the other markets. Anti-virus, anti-malware and protection industry in general is very competitive as the technologies and the solutions are becoming more powerful day-by-day.

Encompassing the best technologies, we are in a great position to cater to the market and we have the confidence to make a mark. The brightest minds come from India and Romania too has tech savvy security wizards. Hence an alliance between Romanian company and Indian channels will be of mutual benefit.

We cover all aspects of the market as our solutions are a good fit for enterprises with varying number of users.  We are extremely strong in virtualization and enterprise level security. But we will also target SMBs and consumers with competitive prices in the Indian market.

What is the road ahead to build a robust channel ecosystem?

We are soon touring multiple cities in India to listen to our existing channel and incoming partner leads. This will help us establish ourselves as a powerful channels company. We expect to meet distributors and valued partners focused on helping Indian decision makers bridge supply and demand gap in computer security software.

We are keen to appoint regional distributors across certain regions of India to have a well-entrenched ecosystem. These distributors will work with their network of resellers and systems integrators.

Why should partner organizations work with you versus competing security brands?

Channels should work with us because we offer great margins. Importantly we have a technology that is cutting edge and Bit Defender’s product portfolio has received multiple industry accolades in the past five years. Our key objective is to make it available in India as well.

It makes sense for partners to work with Bit Defender as they will not fight over the same project. For other competitors the market will be over saturated as systems integrators and resellers might fight with the same solution in a project. So with a new player like Bit Defender they have a huge advantage and better opportunity – business wise and technology wise. 

The security market is probably over saturated as systems integrators and resellers of competitors might fight with same solution in a project. With a new player like Bit Defender the channels have a huge advantage and better opportunity – business wise and technology wise. 

What part of the security spectrum do you cover as a technology company?

Bit Defender is into end point protection and servers as well. The same enterprise solution also covers the protection of mobile devices.

We have Bit Defender GravityZone - Business security for small business, Advanced Business security and GravityZone enterprise security (virtualized, endpoint, mobile, exchange)

We also have the options of offering the solution as on premise, on the cloud and for virtualized environments.

Do you compete directly in the enterprise space with security players like Symantec, Kaspersky to name a few?

Modern CISOs and CIOs are looking for a stable technology from a security vendor. We don’t see AV technology as commodity product. Rather we see the deployment of AV at an enterprise as work in progress. It might be a sort of commodity in SOHO and lower SMB market.

We are not at the same level as some of the names mentioned as we have best-of-breed technology. We never position ourselves as a cheap product and we deliver extreme value-for-money to the organizations.

What are the preferred credentials of partner organizations you would be keen to work with – in India?

The opportunities here position India as a top priority for Bitdefender and, subsequently, our key concern in 2016 is to work together with channel partners on new methods and strategies for serving our customers in the region. 

We are looking for channel partners who can offer technical support in India. We would like to have 24 x 7 support for the Indian market. We are looking for serious partners with technical background and experience in IT security. We are also keen to sign up competent regional distributors to move high volumes for us.

We cater to all the verticals including banks, retail and manufacturing among others. But we have a preference for government and educational instituions as we offer good discounts for them.

Bit Defender would like to cover a wide territory across the length and breadth of India in next two years. We are here for the long run to cater to the security needs of Indian enterprises and SMBs.