Trend Micro has evolved into a holistic security company: Nilesh Jain

Our holistic arsenal fights modern threats across organisations, says Nilesh Jain, India Country Manager at Trend Micro.

Trend Micro is protecting the enterprise world with its suite of security products spread mainly across end point, datacentre and network. “We as a security partner encompass the portfolio to deal with the latest threats at any point of time, and we can provide security for the next five to seven years, holistically. Our value prop as a global organisation and a full-fledged security vendor works well for the new-age IT needs of Indian CISOs. CSO India spoke to Nilesh Jain, Country Manager - India & SAARC, Trend Micro on the company’s focus on cyber security solutions for the India Inc.

Edited Excerpts.

Cyber security is a serious concern for every organisation - small or big - as rampant breaches continue to alarm CISOs and CIOs. Any top verticals for Trend Micro?

We are not much vertical specific in India. BFSI, Government and PSUs are more concerned about their company’s security posture as the stakes are high in that segment. The investments in cybersecurity are constantly increasing across all verticals including services and manufacturing in India. The maximum growth for Trend Micro revenues last year in India emerged from banking sector.

BFSI will remain our top priority as banking customers are catching up with the technology changes, consumerisation of IT and RBI guidelines. We have to help them further to move faster, be more nimble. and provide them with a robust security envelope. There are many Greenfield projects across government departments in India. BFSI and Government remain top verticals for Trend Micro India in 2017.

BFSI and Government remain top verticals for Trend Micro India in 2017.

The extensive deployment of Trend Micro’s endpoint security envelope at SBI is a testament of company’s BFSI focus this year.

Yes. SBI is a long standing customer for Trend Micro for over five years. The main pain area then was the large number of branch offices, the time lost in updating of signature AV, and patent file as there was little or slow connectivity of remote branches. Today, Trend Micro Endpoint is deployed across more than 26,000 branches of SBI across India, and more than 2,85,000 endpoints across the globe. 

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SBI is a happy customer not only in terms of the basic security parameters of performance and detection, but the regular updates across 26000 branches through our cloud architecture, including India’s remote places with thin connectivity.

It is a historic moment as a joint team of Trend Micro and SBI could deploy endpoint security solutions given the magnitude of SBI, and thus delivering the update ratio of 99 percent across 26,000 branches.

How difficult has been the transition from a vendor focused solely on endpoint security? Do you see a change of image now?

Absolutely. Until five years ago, Trend Security was known for end point security in the enterprise space. We've always had sizeable market share in the enterprise security domain, and we continue to increase our presence in that part of security world.

Since past four years, we have grown our dominance in server security and datacentre security globally. And we have done well in Network Defense and APT (Advanced Persistent Threats) mainly in the past couple of years. Most end- customers are now aware that Trend Micro is a holistic company, than a point based security one.

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What’s the company’s GTM in terms of product pitch and channel roadmap in India?

Primarily, we have three product lines. The end point security requires different skillsets, as there is lot of bandwidth required by channels to manage and implement such solutions. For the datacentre security piece, there is another set of partners who work with cloud providers like Azure and AWS. And the third set of partners work in the network security space (Tipping point - acquired from HPE, and APT - deep discovery).

We have categorised partners into three categories - based on their technical expertise and domain knowledge. Most national SIs with wide presence across India work with Trend Micro for network and datacentre security. However, very selective partners work with the exhaustive business of end point security solutions. We work with Tier-2 channels, which are pure play security focused partners executing projects in end point and network security.

Tier-2 channels are pure play security focused partners executing projects in end point security and network security.

How many Indian enterprises have warmed up to the cloud model, or is on premise still more prevalent?

Most of the customers are progressing on the cloud, though they have not reached that top maturity index on the same. Some of the largest manufacturing companies, pharma and BFSI in India are moving to cloud providers like Azure and AWS.  Several customers moving to cloud means that most of the channel partners have to change their strategy from on premise service provider to cloud service provider as well.

How doesTrend Micro manage the perfect equilibrium of quality versus quality in terms of the channel ecosystem?

We are surely not going after quantity. Primarily, we are going for quality, and there are several quality partners in the market who understand and focus on security business, and they have sufficient capabilities to execute the projects. We are identifying and recruiting such partners across major cities. We have different sets of partners -especially in networking and cloud security, hence, our recruitment across these sets is well-thought-out. There are very unique partners who cover both the domains.

We have the market well-covered as of now, with National systems integrator partner implementing our entire stack, pure play security focused partners, and cloud security providers. The cloud security partners are the partners with AWS or Azure that help customers move to cloud (deep security by Trend Micro), or they themselves are datacentre security partners.

What would be your three major priorities for the Indian market in 2017?

The first emphasis is on the market for targeted attacks, which is a big pain point for customers of all sizes and across verticals. We are focused heavily to make sure the customers remain protected. With several customers moving to the cloud, we are trying to help them by securing all the instances on cloud.

And we are making sure to pitch the newly launched XGen endpoint security solution, which is the need of the hour in the era of stealth malware. We are also upgrading the existing customers on this new endpoint security solution