Facebook will wind up data sharing partnerships with more companies

Mark Zuckerberg in a response to authorities said Facebook has stopped sharing data with 38 companies, and is ending more partnerships in July and October. Facebook used to share user data with 52 tech businesses, including suspect Chinese firms.


As part of its partnership with software makers, Facebook shared users’ data with at least 52 firms. However, it has ended partnership with 38 of them. Partnership of seven more are to expire by July 2018 and some more in October. The social media giant revealed these facts in a 747 page response to a House Energy & Commerce Committee.

The companies with which Facebook shares data include Chinese firms like Alibaba, Huawei, Lenovo and Oppo. The US intelligence had flagged some of these firms as national security threat.

According to a report by Engadget, Facebook said it will continue its partnership with three firms Apple, Amazon and Tobii. The company needs this partnership for an eye-tracking app that makes Facebook accessible to ALS patients.

Facebook said that it implemented tougher sharing controls in 2014 and gave six months of extra time to 61 third-party app developers to comply with the new rules and wind up their data collection procedures.

Earlier, Facebook was accused of leaking user information to data mining firm Cambridge Analytica (CA). Personal data of around 50 million users were reportedly harnessed to gather intelligence to propel Trump’s 2016 election campaign.