Police cracks the whip on world's largest DDoS marketplace

A joint operation by law enforcement agencies around the world has shut down, which launched 4 million DDoS attacks and targeted banks, governments and enterprises. 

Trend Micro detects and blocks 3.4mn high-risk email threats in 2017

Cloud App Security managed to detect over 50,000 ransomware and 3,000 BEC threats in the last three quarters of 2017.

Will see more industry-specific rules for data privacy in 2018: Rishi Rajpal, Concentrix 

Proactive monitoring and maturing our SOC operations using external intelligence and fine-tuning will be one of our focus areas, says Rishi Rajpal, Director-Global Security, Concentrix. 

Sridhar Namachivayan appointed enterprise head at Trend Micro

The former Skybox Security executive will head a team of large enterprise accounts for Trend Micro India.

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Spam and phishing in Q3 2017

Cryptocurrencies have been a regular theme in the media for several years now.

Synchronized security is the right arsenal for modern CSOs: JJ, Sophos

We have enough skin in the game to secure both endpoint and network of digital enterprises, says Joergen Jakobsen, MD-APJ at Sophos.


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In Conversation with Kartik Shahani

Find out how enterprise can prepare for next-gen cyber attack with adequate integrated safeguards.

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The Magala Trojan Clicker: A Hidden Advertising Threat

The golden age of Trojans and viruses has long gone. 

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Dvmap: the first Android malware with code injection

The distribution of rooting malware through Google Play is not a new thing. this Trojan not only installs its modules into the system, it also injects malicious code into the system runtime libraries.

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Is WannaCry Kryptonite for Soft Networks?

Security experts say WannaCry demonstrates need for renewed focus on network security and computer configuration management.