Supreme Court raises questions on Aadhaar based on Facebook fiasco

The Supreme Court flagged the threat of probable influence of voters in the upcoming 2019 elections using citizen information collected through Aadhaar.

Roaming Mantis: Android malware distributed through DNS hijack targets smartphones

The attackers behind the malware seek out vulnerable routers for compromise and distribute the malware by hijacking the DNS settings of infected routers. The method of router compromise remains unknown.

MS Office vulnerabilities, unexplained outage puts Microsoft in a tough spot

The biggest software company in the world, Microsoft has had a rough month with significant spikes in targeted malware attacks and an out-of-the-blue Office 365 outage that threw enterprises out of gear all over the globe. 

Verizon report: Ransomware top malware threat of 2017, moving into critical systems

DDoS attacks are also on the rise, but spying reports are down. Fewer people are clicking on phishing links.

5 myths of API security

In light of Panera Bread’s API-related data breach, here what is — and isn’t — true about protecting application programming interfaces.

RSA intents to a acquire Fortscale to expand NetWitness Platform

RSA’s acquisition of Fortscale is designed to provide customers with new user and entity behavioral analytics capabilities.

Don’t rush to deploy 5G if you want IoT security, agency warns

Flaws in 2G, 3G and 4G networks could be repeated in 5G, says EU IT security agency

Facebook brings new privacy tools after recent backlash

Facebook has come up with new tools to make it easier to find and access privacy tools as a means to regain trust among users. 

1.4B stolen passwords are free for the taking: What we know now

The 2012 LinkedIn breach, along with other old third-party breaches, is still paying dividends for criminals, who now have free access to 1.4 billion previously exposed email addresses and passwords.

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Gemalto and Ponemon Institute Study: Big gaps emerge between countries on attitudes towards data protection in the cloud

Study reveals regional disparities in adoption of cloud security: German businesses almost twice as likely to secure confidential or sensitive information in the cloud (61 percent) than British (35 percent), Brazilian (34 percent) and Japanese (31 percent) organizations.

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Businesses under pressure - Employees want same simple access to cloud applications as consumers, finds Gemalt

70 percent believe that authentication methods applied in the consumer world can be applied to secure access to enterprise resources.

ManageEngine fixes critical zero-day vulnerabilities that could affect close to 10,000 companies in India

Here’s all you need to know about ManageEngine’s zero-day vulnerabilities, and what the company has done to remediate the problem