Online security

How H-Energy tackled emerging threats with an agile, scalable security solution

From safeguarding a massive mobile workforce to deploying an agile, scalable security solution, here’s how Vikas Gupta, CIO at H-Energy future-proofed cybersecurity at his organization.

Four white hat hackers who shot to fame in 2018

From exposing Aadhaar vulnerabilities to hunting down bugs in Microsoft. Here are four white hat hackers who made waves in the cybersecurity realm this year.

Authentication, encryption and AI – the key components in securing connected cars

The single biggest threat to widespread proliferation of connected cars is data security. A conversation with two giants in the Indian auto space – Tata Elxsi and Tata Technologies brings to light why the threat is of paramount importance and what can be done to bolster security.

Sify Technologies, GlobalSign to jointly offer SSL/TLS certificates in SAARC region

GlobalSign SSL/TLS certificates are being offered by Safescrypt, the data security business of Sify across India and other SAARC countries.

Indian bounty hunter exposes bug that made 400M Microsoft accounts easily hackable

A Kerala-based bug bounty hunter, Sahad NK discovered a critical vulnerability in Microsoft’s login that made it possible to hack into anyone’s MS Office and Outlook account.

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Stay one step ahead of the criminal mind

The continuously evolving threat landscape, along with regulatory demands such as GDPR, require companies to be prepared for post-compromise breach detection. 

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Detecting targeted attacks with broad context Detection™

"Any organization not running a breach detection solution (or not having performed a recent investigation) must, in this day and age, assume they're in a post-breach state."

Instagram security bug inadvertently exposed user passwords

Instagram’s ‘Download Your Data’ tool accidentally put user credentials at risk. What’s particularly worrisome though, is the possibility of Instagram storing passwords in plain text.

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Your all-in-one route to protection and prevention

Tata Communications’ Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) service offers 24/7/365 proactive security monitoring and management for events and incidents by a dedicated, expert team.

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Are you prepared for evolving threats?

With attacks becoming more sophisticated, do you have the framework, processes, skilled resources and tools to protect your digital assets?

BHEL secures nearly 23000 endpoints across 35 locations with Trend Micro

India’s largest power gen equipment manufacturer runs security solutions from Trend Micro. 

Kaspersky Cyberinsights 2018: Cybersecurity in the age of digital transformation

The Kaspersky Cyberinsights 2018 two city series in India, as part of its pan-APAC series, put the spotlight on the central theme of “Building Cyber Defence and Resilience with Adaptive Security Framework”.