‘Distributed guessing’ attack lets hackers verify Visa card details

Armed with a card number, researchers tricked websites into helping them guess the expiry date and CVV.

Network Intelligence and Tripwire partner on industrial security

This strategic partnership will enable Network Intelligence to monitor and protect customers' operational technology (OT) networks using Tripwire’s solutions.

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The update on latest patches and bug fixes from India and around the globe for critical vulnerabilities, malware attacks, security loopholes and system improvements for information security professionals, researchers and technology leaders. 



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What is biometrics? And why collecting biometric data is risky

Biometric authentication uses physical or behavioral human characteristics to digitally identify a person to grant access to systems, devices or data. It has the potential to make authentication dramatically faster, easier and more secure than traditional passwords, but companies need to be careful about the biometric data they collect.

CrowdStrike Store brings third-party endpoint security agents to its platform

CrowdStrike will share data its cloud-based endpoint security platform collects to give customers more options while minimizing compatibility and performance concerns.

Over 59,000 GDPR data breach notifications, but only 91 fines: Report

The low number of fines relative to the volume of reported breaches might be due to over-extended regulators, says a DLA Piper report.

20 percent companies are hit by cryptominers every week: Report

Cryptominers infected 10x more organizations than ransomware in 2018, but only one in five IT security professionals were aware their company’s networks had been infected by mining malware, reveals Check Point’s 2019 security report. 

Add cybersecurity to Doomsday Clock concerns, says Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

The Doomsday Clock, once a ritual feature of the Cold War, warns that cybersecurity issues like IoT and cyber-enabled information warfare endanger humanity.

Google's Password Checkup plugin for Chrome can warn you if your password was stolen

When you log into a site, Google's Password Checkup plugin for Chrome will check whether your credentials have been compromised.