Why I don’t believe Bloomberg’s Chinese spy chip report

China can and has stolen the information it wants from US companies without using secretly embedded hardware, so why would it jeopardize its massive semiconductor industry?

Top IT security certifications

Boost your employability options with these top IT security certifications

Bitdefender EDR is reality than a jargon: Zakir Rangwala

We have good success story with EDR through Bit Defender’s Ultra and elite versions implemented well by our channel partners, says Zakir Rangwala at BD Software Distribution. 

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Syscon Infoway Fights Off Cyber-Attacks And Potentially Damaging Outages With Ddos Protection

“Tata Communications did everything as quickly as possible to mitigate the network attack. They instantly grasped the extent of the situation and deployed a DDoS solution, even before a contract was signed.”

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Defend Against The Continually Mutating Array Of Network Threats And Cyber Attacks

Our Custom Designed Network Security Systems Provide Effective Defenses Against A Wide Range Of Network Attacks.

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Rbei Partners With Tata Communications For Watertight Cyber Security

“We primarily chose the Tata Communications Global VPN solution on account of the trust we place in the brand. Other important parameters were reliability, scalability and end-to-end management.”

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The Three Crucial Components You Must Consider Before Migrating Your Data To Cloud

In the cloud, it’s substance that counts. You need to cut through the hype and look beneath the surface at a cloud provider’s infrastructure, network and security.

McAfee QTR sees cryptocurrency mining surge continue in second quarter

​McAfee have released their Quarterly Threat Report, showing an 86% increase in known samples of cryptojacking in Q2 2018 alone.

Australia condemns Russia for cyber attacks dating back to 2015

The Australian Government has condemned Russia for a range of cyber attacks perpetrated from July 2015 to October 2017.

Apple strongly denies Bloomberg’s Chinese hacking report

Bloomberg says Apple was one of many companies subject to an unprecedented state-sponsored hack, but Apple says its reporting is inaccurate.

Jim Barkdoll: TITUS looks at India market as fastest growth opportunity

Fresh from investments through Blackstone Ventures, data protection company TITUS is on the growth mode globally, and particularly in India, says Jim Barkdoll, CEO of TITUS.

The world’s two largest enterprise blockchain groups join forces

Hyperledger and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance are teaming up to promote blockchain technology to companies and to collaborate on development efforts.