Attackers place cryptojacking apps in the Microsoft App Store

Microsoft has removed eight applications from its app store for Windows that were mining Monero cryptocurrency without users' knowledge.

Data breaches exposed 5 billion records in 2018

New report from Risk Based Security shows a downward trend in number breaches and exposed records, Unclear if privacy regulations like GDPR are having an effect.

Network Intelligence and Tripwire partner on industrial security

This strategic partnership will enable Network Intelligence to monitor and protect customers' operational technology (OT) networks using Tripwire’s solutions.

Patches & updates: Latest news on cybersecurity patches, updates and bug fixes released by enterprise security vendors and researchers

The update on latest patches and bug fixes from India and around the globe for critical vulnerabilities, malware attacks, security loopholes and system improvements for information security professionals, researchers and technology leaders. 



Vulnerabilities: Latest news on security vulnerabilities, zero-day attacks, threat actors and system weaknesses in enterprise cybersecurity

The cybersecurity update from India and around the globe on latest IT vulnerabilities for information security professionals, researchers and technology leaders.  

Malware: Latest news on malware attacks, targets, botnets and threats in the world of cybersecurity

The cybersecurity update from India and around the world on latest malware, potential threats, malware groups for enterprise security experts, information security professionals and researchers.  

Add cybersecurity to Doomsday Clock concerns, says Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

The Doomsday Clock, once a ritual feature of the Cold War, warns that cybersecurity issues like IoT and cyber-enabled information warfare endanger humanity.

OT attacks on the rise and cryptominers reign supreme: Report

Find out what shaped the threat landscape of 2018 and what it means for the year ahead.  

Cisco patches serious SD-WAN software security holes

Cisco has patched security vulnerabilities in four packages of SD-WAN Solution software that address buffer overflow and other vulnerabilities.

Multi-vector attacks target cloud-hosted technologies

Securonix report outlines the threat posed by automated multi-vector, multi-platform attacks against cloud infrastructure.

Cisco releases 20 security updates affecting SD-WAN, Webex and more

Cisco has release 20 updates including one critical update for its SD-WAN solution buffer overflow.

CPX360 gathers experts to discuss cybersecurity challenges

From 21-24 January, IT security professionals and C-suite leaders are meeting in Bangkok to find solutions to the hottest cyber threats