Indian bounty hunter exposes bug that made 400M Microsoft accounts easily hackable

A Kerala-based bug bounty hunter, Sahad NK discovered a critical vulnerability in Microsoft’s login that made it possible to hack into anyone’s MS Office and Outlook account.

Skybox Security appoints Amrit Williams as VP of Products

Williams will be responsible for driving product roadmap, focusing on evolution of the company’s core security management platform and apps addressing firewall, security policy, vulnerability and threat management.

100 million Quora users hit by massive data breach

Knowledge-sharing platform Quora targeted by hackers - user names, email IDs and encrypted passwords compromised. As of February 2018, there were an estimated 880,000 Quora users based in India.

Naysayers ready to do what it takes to see Aadhaar fail: Sivarama Krishnan, PwC

Amidst all the furore around Aadhaar being used for eKYC and UIDAI’s supposed ineptitude, PwC’s cybersecurity leader Sivarama Krishnan denounces the practice of media calling every vulnerability a breach. And he’s got a point.

Rising trends to change cyberthreat landscape in 2019: Report

McAfee researchers expect malware-as-a-service families to strengthen, energizing the market for attack outsourcing and the evolution of increasingly innovative and agile attack methods.

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Blockchain Security: 3 Ways to Secure Your Blockchain

From just another buzzword a few years back, to one of the most pursued technologies across the globe, Blockchain has come a long way. And it is here to stay. 

Over 31.5 lakh RDP attacks on Indian enterprises blocked in last 3 months: Report

RDP-based brute-force attacks are being used to deploy cryptominers on infected systems, as well as to provide a platform for advanced ransomware families, according to a report by Seqrite.  

Trend Micro places bets on single agent endpoint security

Trend Micro Apex One offers automated detection and response, provides actionable insights and growth opportunities for the channel. 

10 things you should know about dark web websites

Catch a glimpse of what flourishes in the shadows of the internet.

Instagram security bug inadvertently exposed user passwords

Instagram’s ‘Download Your Data’ tool accidentally put user credentials at risk. What’s particularly worrisome though, is the possibility of Instagram storing passwords in plain text.

Cybersecurity challenges predicted in 2019: Report

Experts predict threats to the aviation industry, continuing nation-state activity, rise in supply chain attacks and the widening cyber security skills gap in India.

WannaCry is still alive hitting almost 75,000 users in Q3 2018

The percentage has risen over the last year, demonstrating more than two thirds growth against Q3 2017, when its share in cryptor attacks was 16.78 percent.