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You can't take a zero-trust view with traditional hub-and-spoke architecture: Scott Robertson, Zscaler

A Zscaler report reveals that there is a 400 percent spike in SSL-based phishing attacks. Scott Robertson, VP-APJ of Zscaler reveals what makes SSL inspection such a daunting task for the enterprise.

GDPR clocks over USD 294 million in penalties so far; British Airways latest on hit list

The tough-as-nails GDPR mandate has imposed its biggest penalty yet on British Airways.

Lopa Mudraa Basuu appointed Global Head of Cybersecurity Risk Governance & Compliance at Nissan Motor

Former Global Director of Ocwen Financial Solutions, Dr. Lopa Mudraa Basuu, is now the Global Head of Cybersecurity Risk Governance & Compliance at auto giant Nissan Motor Corp.

Spear phishing has come a long way since the ‘Nigerian prince’ racket: Hatem Naguib, Barracuda

While the CISO’s job has gotten harder, the dark web has made hacking a piece of cake for the bad guys. Hatem Naguib, SVP & COO Barracuda Networks walks us through the current threat landscape.

What CSOs must consider before hopping on to the AI bandwagon: Vaidyanathan Iyer, IBM

From crippling skills shortage to secure quantum computing, Vaidyanathan Iyer, Security Software Leader at IBM India, South Asia, throws light on factors affecting present-day enterprise security landscape.

Security investigator confronts Wipro on breach incident during investors’ call

Cybersecurity investigator Brian Krebs put Wipro in a tough spot by bringing up a critical data breach in the midst of a quarterly earnings call. Wipro called the incident a zero-day attack and has employed a forensic investigator to probe the incident.

Your Outlook may be hacked; Microsoft confirms breach

Around late Friday evening, Microsoft announced a data breach that resulted from a Microsoft technical support agent’s credentials being compromised.

Cyber espionage shows no signs of slowing down: Michael Sentonas, CrowdStrike

The bears, pandas, kittens and chollimas are out in the open, and the military top-brass is apprehensive. Michael Sentonas, VP of Technology Strategy at CrowdStrike, gives us a dekko at the cyber espionage threat landscape.

Nine out of ten critical infra establishments hit by cyber attacks: Ponemon

Security professionals in critical infra sectors across six countries revealed that 90 percent of them were hit by a cyber attack at some point in time, according to Ponemon Institute's latest research. We take a look at some of the most infamous ones.

Toyota reports yet another data breach; 3.1 million customer accounts exposed

Japanese automaker, Toyota, announced on Saturday that a data breach resulted in the data of 3.1 million customers being compromised. This is in fact the second data breach the company faced in the last five weeks. 

The need of the hour is not just AI, but explainable AI: Subram Natarajan, CTO, IBM India/South Asia

From explainable AI to blockchain to building a super-fast processor, Subram Natarajan, CTO of IBM India/South Asia tells us how IBM does what it does best – innovate to stay ahead. 

A tenth of security alerts that should be taken seriously are ignored: John Maynard, Cisco

From evolving threats to DNS attacks and IoT security, John Maynard, Global Security Officer at Cisco brings to light present-day security challenges the enterprise needs to brace up to.