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Understanding Key Management Policy – Part 1

While front line defense mechanisms like firewalls, anti-theft, anti-spyware, etc. definitely act as a strong deterrent against cyber attacks, they are rendered useless when a hacker gains inside entry by exploiting their vulnerabilities to bypass them.

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Smart Business Travel Needs Smart SSO: Tips for Beating (Digital) Jet Lag

Before I unveil my two cents /pence of worldwide wisdom, let’s shed some light on the other victim of business travel – your devices’ digital journey.

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Demystifying the India Data Protection Bill, 2018: Part 3 of 3

We will cover 4 key technologies that play a pivotal role in protecting data — both at rest and in motion, and 3 important steps that organisations need to take to adhere to the bill’s mandates.

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Demystifying the Indian Data Protection Bill, 2018: Part 2 of 3

10 key components that organisations need to keep in mind to adhere to the bill’s stringent compliance guidelines. 

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Networking’s future, not networking’s past

VMware Continues as  a Visionary  in  2018 Gartner Data Center Networking Magic Quadrant  

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Demystifying the Indian Data Protection Bill, 2018: Part 1 of 3

India is soon slated to introduce a stringent, GDPR-like data protection law to safeguard its citizens’ personal data.

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Blockchain Security: 3 Ways to Secure Your Blockchain

From just another buzzword a few years back, to one of the most pursued technologies across the globe, Blockchain has come a long way. And it is here to stay. 

HPE moves enterprise customers closer to the edge

HPE is continuing plans to move enterprise organisation’s from the ‘edge-to-cloud’ through the release of Edgeline Converged Edge System solutions.

Secretlab Omega Softweave gaming chair: Firmly comfortable

The Secretlab Omega SoftWeave gaming chair's firm foam takes some getting used to, but there's a lot to love about this highly adjustable fabric chair.

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How to Secure Your Sensitive Data in the Cloud

While most Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) have already deployed strong front line defense systems like firewalls, anti-virus, anti-malware, intrusion detection, etc. to thwart malicious attacks, sophisticated hackers are breaching them with surprising ease today.

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Data Encryption: From “Good-to-Have” To “Must-Have”

As per the H1 results of Gemalto’s 2018 Breach Level Index, more than 3.3 billion data files were breached across the globe in the first six months of 2018 alone. This figure marks an increase of a whopping 72% over those recorded for H1 2017!