Learning Path: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions (70-534)

Microsoft Azure is a complex suite of interconnected services that also have ties to your on-premises infrastructure.

Pluralsight Feb 22nd 2018 A-A+

Planning and architecting solutions around this complicated set of moving parts can be...well, complicated. Microsoft's 70-534 exam is intended to help gauge your skill at architecting Azure-based solutions, from security to networking, including monitoring, business continuity, and other important concerns.

These six courses will help you prepare for this certification exam:

  • Architecting Azure Solutions (70-534): Infrastructure and Networking – In Production
  • Architecting Azure Solutions (70-534): Secure Resources – Coming soon
  • Architecting Azure Solutions (70-534): Application Storage and Data Access Strategy – Coming soon
  • Architecting Azure Solutions (70-534): Advanced Application – Coming soon
  • Architecting Azure Solutions (70-534): Websites – Coming soon
  • Architecting Azure Solutions (70-534): Management, Monitoring, and Business Continuity Strategy – Coming soon

The courses in this path are being produced by longtime Pluralsight author Orin Thomas, a well-known certification preparation author and a big Azure enthusiast.