Akamai Application Security Whitepaper
Web Application Security: Is Your Site Vulnerable To Attackers ?

Learn the difference between a well-implemented web application firewall and what most companies do, and the implications for your web application defense.

Strategies for Cyber-Attack Protection: Managed Web Security Services

With the expansion of applications and data into the cloud, online businesses are more vulnerable than ever before. Learn how managed web security services are playing an increasingly important role in defense strategies.

IDG: Under Seige from Web Threats: APAC Countries Respond

Many enterprises unknowingly use security defenses that hurt their ability to do business . Learn how your business can stay secure without sacrificing performance.

Shoring up web application defenses with client reputation

Learn how to defend your web applications against data theft and defacement 

Improving Web Application Security: The Akamai Approach to WAF

This whitepaper examines Akamai’s approach to make effective web application security available to any organization by simplifying much of the complexity around the WAF.

Security Champion's Guide to Web Application Security

What a web application firewall can do to defend your web applications.