Akamai Network Security Whitepapers
Akamai Network Security Whitepapers
Web Vulnerabilities: The Foundation of the Most Sophisticated DDoS Campaigns

Today’s DDoS attacks are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and more frequent. Find out what the most targeted web applications are and what techniques can be used to secure them.

Plan vs. Panic: Making a DDoS Mitigation Playbook Part of Your Incident Response Plan

The best defense against cyber threats is a good offense. Learn how simulating DDoS attacks can ensure your business is ready for the real thing

IDC: Worldwide DDoS Prevention Products and Services 2013–2017 Forecast

Recently, DDoS attacks have been used as a tactic for exploiting financial information and intellectual property . Learn how hybrid defense scenarios will become more prevalent in security solutions.

How to Evaluate DDoS Mitigation Providers: : Four Critical Criteria

How can you be sure a DDoS mitigation provider will deliver on the promise to stop attacks? Find out what criteria you should be using to evaluate DDoS mitigation providers. 

A Guide to Multi Layered Web Security

This whitepaper details the threats common to websites and web applications and what you can do to mitigate them

Defending Against Application Denial of Service Attacks

This report has identified a number of adversaries who increasingly use DDOS attacks. 

Making DDOS Mitigation Part of Your Incident Response Plan

The DDOS underground has made it easier for anyone, even without technical skills to launch a damaging DDOS attack against any enterprise. Incorporate DDOS into your broader incident plan.  

Bots Spiders and Scrapers

Learn the capabilities of good and bad bots