Aditya Khullar

At Paytm, Aditya Khullar implemented threat intelligence for securing the organization's vast infrastructure. Under the project, threat advisories were created on a real-time basis to prevent the various attack vectors such as ransomware and botnets. 

CSO Jun 22nd 2018 A-A+

With nearly nine years of experience in network and information security, Aditya Khullar holds a unique blend of visionary leadership with expertise to lead strategic planning, direct multi-functional operations, and re-structuring business models. Prior to his stint at Paytm, Khullar worked for various global firms and projects such as Aricent Technologies, HCL Infosystems, Bank of America and Interglobe Enterprises. In his present role, Khullar leads the technical aspects for cyber security verticals in Paytm and its subsidiaries.

Key security initiatives
Due to ongoing threats looming with respect to ransomware, malware and virus outbreaks, the business was facing the challenge to keep the infrastructure secure from both remote and local insider attack vectors. To counter the threat, the company decided to implement threat intelligence for the infrastructure. 

The company performed threat landscaping, basis the instances of different attack vectors which could affect them. A sandbox environment was implemented which could pro-actively assess a threat before it hits. Real-time threat advisories are sent to the end infra teams to pro-actively manage network, servers and applications. 

Awards Won

CSO100 Award 2018