Arathi Ramesh

At ANZ Banking Group, Arathi Ramesh led the Implementation of innovative methods which reduced DLP incidents by 35 percent, and simplification & collaborative work techniques which improved time-to-market by 10 percent. 

CSO Jun 22nd 2018 A-A+

Arathi Ramesh, with over 21 years of experience, is the head of information security, Bangalore at ANZ. She has expertise in information security management, global delivery management, service management, vendor management and business management. She is also a certified ISO27001 lead auditor. Ramesh is responsible for preventing information security breach that can result in disruption to business.

Key security initiatives

ANZ’s Security Domain Bengaluru team’s main motive was to bring continuous improvement culture to enhance customer experience and reduce risks adapting aspects of ANZ’s New Ways OF Working (NWOW) and agile methods.   
The solution implemented was in different phases. 
•    Implementation of ideas to reduce DLP incidents in ANZ Bangalore resulted in 35 percent drop in DLP incidents compared to last year.
•    Simplifying working techniques and work collaboratively with project team has improved time-to-market by 10 percent.
These implementations has saved cost of around AUD 100000 with no additional cost to the bank.