Deepak Kalambkar

Deepak Kalambkar trained around 250 operators on data security, and implemented backup and data security tools and technologies at Marvel Data Services.

CSO Jun 21st 2018 A-A+

Deepak Kalambkar, Head – IT and CISO for Marvel Data Services has more than 20 years of experience in IT security. His core expertise lies in  managing implementation of IT and security policy and procedures. This also includes designing innovative awareness programs on information and physical security through multiple channels, i.e. trainings, posters and emails.

Key Security Initiatives 

Marvel Data Services felt a need to have a strong Data security framework. It started with training around 250 operators on data security, following which the company invested in backup and data security tools and technologies. Marvel has now started working on strong processes which make’s user login & data usage approval from the information security group mandatory for any application to go live in production. 

Awards Won

CSO100 Award 2018