Jayan N

At Servion Global Solutions, Jayan N implemented an end-point protection suite with advance malware protection software to safeguard the organization against ransomware/malware attacks.

CSO Jun 22nd 2018 A-A+

Jayan N oversees cybersecurity at Servion Global Solutions, based out of Chennai.

Key Security Initiative:

Servion Global Solutions had been looking for a good end point user system to protect its system and data from malware and ransomware attacks. The organization decided to move away from traditional antivirus (AV) controls to new types of endpoint security solutions which is are built for prevention, detection, and response. As a result, endpoint protection suite, with advance malware protection end-point agent was implemented on all systems and perimeter devices. Multi-factor authentication was also put into use to secure identity theft.
By guarding itself against system failures and attacks using cybersecurity tools, Servion has continually maintained its productivity and has not faced a single malware/ ransomware attack since. By taking Servion appropriate measures at the right time, Servion has been able to provide continues continuous secure service to its customers.