Rajeev Prakash Verma

At SRF, Rajeev Prakash Verma deployed an MDM solution with geo fencing that auto-enrolls every device as soon as a person enters the office. Additionally, he also devised an in-house automated and secure appraisal process.

CSO Jun 21st 2018 A-A+

As Deputy General Manager – Information Security at SRF, Rajeev Prakash Verma works on strategies across the business on complex, large scale initiatives. Prior to SRF, Verma was Group Lead at Ameriprise Financial Services, and was also a GRC consultant at Wipro consulting. He has comprehensive experience in building high performance teams, insourcing vendor operations, auditing IT general controls, business transitions, risk assessments, and designing security architecture for international clients from multiple sectors such as BFSI, telecom and IT services.

Key security initiatives:

Rajeev Prakash Verma was responsible for deploying customized, in-house solutions for business requirements around information security. There was a need for a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution with geo fencing. However, the challenge lay in auto-enrolling every device as soon as a person enters the office. As SRF embraced BYOD, users needed to have control on their mobile phones when they left the organization. Additionally, the company also had to devise information rights management to bring in data loss prevention. Verma played a key role in setting up digital signatures with email gateway. All critical emails with invoice or quotes goes signed to vendors, following DS validation on the gateway to avoid fake emails or invoices. Verma helped SRF move to zero paper in appraisal cycles. All DD’s are now digitally signed and protected for the individual using IRM. The entire appraisal process has now been automated and made secure.

Awards Won

CSO100 Award 2018