Enterprise security: New weapons to fight new threats

With more sophisticated data breaches, WinMagic says there are newer and better tools to protect enterprises.

If last year was the year of data breaches, then this year, 2015, must be its sequel. As technology is upgrading every day, people are getting more involved in their work and have less time for things which seem negligible at the beginning but can be very dangerous in future.

In today’s world, maximum employees in an organization are interested in sending and receiving data, in forms of email, documents and pictures; through internet. But among these, the majority do not encrypt their data despite knowing that the data contain critical information of the organization, and chances of losing that or getting hacked is very high.

To reduce the risk posed by hackers, insider threats and other malicious attacks, an organization must utilize encryption to protect sensitive data, across on-premises, virtual, public cloud and hybrid environments, explained WinMagic.

According to Mark Hickman, COO at WinMagic, adoption of data security services on cloud has been gaining relevance at a rapid pace. IT professionals across have accepted it as a part of their enterprise data security programs.

“The world has understood the importance of securing data as it is the most valuable commodity. Globally, the adoption of cloud solutions for data security is rising at a rapid pace for most businesses,” he added. Hickman also said that the coming years will see the notion of security being a secure platform − rather than a series of point products on the network – gaining traction. The expectation from security professionals will be to deliver a secure platform that allows businesses to confidently run multiple applications in a secure environment.

In order to safeguard against advanced threats in a complex and evolving climate of cloud, mobility, and virtualization, while maintaining security and regulatory compliance, enterprises must increasingly take a data-centric approach towards their critical information. WinMagic claims to be the sole provider of a complete enterprise data encryption solution for persistent protection of sensitive and critical data at all points in its lifecycle.

Their recently launched SecureDoc CloudSync is a security software, allegedly provides ability in encrypting files at the endpoint before they are synchronized to enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) services across a range of enterprise operating platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Commenting on the same, Hickman said, "This solution improves productivity of enterprise employees by allowing them to easily store and share their files outside corporate firewalls—which can otherwise raise security and regulatory compliance concerns."

There are many organizations, in India and across the world, which are struggling to store their data in cloud because of security concerns. "We’ve come up with products that can help such organizations to deal with security and compliance issues during saving files on to the cloud," he added.

Cloud has now become one of the most complicated issues surrounding data encryption and security. The goal is to encrypt data in cloud but to retain the keys locally with the enterprise, which sounds simple but is quite tricky.

"We are therefore coming up with a new product by February 2016, called CloudVM. It will help businesses to secure and manage virtual machines on public, private and/or hybrid clouds, with support for multiple cloud environments platforms. WinMagic is working to address compliance issues for our customers and we hope to be able to show off something cooler in the near future," added Hickman.

Indian market and the channel ecosystem

The growth of cloud computing in workplaces has escalated the frequency of potential security threats in enterprise organizations. This has enlarged the gap between vital security requirements today and the traditional security tools of the past.

According to a recent report by PwC’s State of Information Security Survey, nearly 75 percent of Indian enterprises expect an increase in security spending by next year. As companies are adopting newer technologies such as network automation and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) learning, a comprehensive approach is required to protect the business from ever-increasing security risks.

Riding high on the demand of data security driven solutions from the enterprise segment, WinMagic is looking forward to expand its footprints in the country. According to Rahul Kumar, Country Manager and Director at WinMagic India, there is a tremendous potential for data encryption in the Indian market.

“We’re yet to see great innovations in the IT security space, but the current trends are encouraging. The key trend in this domain is the willingness of customers towards adopting cloud security services,” Kumar said.

“The major drivers for security here will be across sectors like BFSIs, IT/ITes and manufacturing sector. We can see more budget allocation towards security equipment and a shift towards overall comprehensive security,” he added.

Besides, as most of the Indian organizations are increasingly becoming dependent on Internet-based technology for their business operations, vendor companies must make an extra effort to tackle all possibilities of a data breach. WinMagic is making bold strides on the same. “As a provider of full-disk encryption software, we win most deals in this space,” stated Kumar.

“We have strong OEM relationships with Lenovo and HP — almost 40 percent of the global PC market. Also, with Amtrak and Technobind as our national distributors, we have big strategic wins in India,” said Kumar.

For the company, the Indian market is growing the way the West has grown. When it comes to marketing and selling its products, the company has two approaches—direct and indirect. In the direct approach they reach out to large enterprises directly to explain their product, its value addition and value proposition; while in the indirect approach, the company reaches the market through their partner community.

Kumar said, “The key strategy is scaling India operations, which can be done only through an effective and strong channel ecosystem. Working with Technobind as our distributor, we now have 35 odd resellers in our fold."

At present, WinMagic, apart from its national distributors, is looking forward to doubling the number of partners by the end of 2016 to about 65-70 by next year. The company plans to achieve this by channel campaigns, distribution networks, and by value-selling of their services.

Addressing the challenge of skillsets at the partner level, Kumar said that they are ensuring to have more technical team members on field than sales employees. “We are offering add-on services to our end customers through partners to ensure a good experience and successful deployments,” he added.

WinMagic claims to have a horizontal product line and aims at catering to all segments. According to Kumar, one of the key trends visible in India is customers looking for special solutions, which can help them solve a particular pain point.

The demand for specialized solutions is growing and the government sector is also looking at the best of breeds solutions. In the past nine months, the company has ramped up their team across western, southern and northern regions of the country. “We have put marketing capabilities as well a support center in Chandigarh for Indian companies. The goal is to drive the pipeline as we have closed big deals across various verticals in past two quarters,” added Kumar.

The future

According to reports, as demand for more control and protection of critical enterprise information is increasing dramatically, the future of encryption is brighter than ever before. The amount of information being communicated and stored electronically is vastly greater than even five years ago.

As a result, the need for more effective information security products is growing at a higher rate than any other aspect of IT within the enterprise today, said Kumar. Encryption is the last line of defense for the modern day enterprise.

“We need to stay focused and innovative in this survival-of-the-fittest market, and keep delivering a better customer experience and better-trained partners,” concluded Kumar.