How Digital India needs to tackle cybersecurity: Rudra Murthy KG

With India in the midst of a digital revolution, Rudramurthy KG, CISO of Digital India sheds light on the current status, challenges and the way forward for national cybersecurity.

Digital India. Aadhar Pay. Demonetization leading to a large influx of digital payments. Smart cities. There is no doubt that India is evolving and stepping into a digital revolution, which will affect all entities within.

With these changes and additions in mind, the nation’s cybersecurity plan has to evolve in order to not fall prey to threats that may arise. At the Indian chapter of the first edition of IDG Global Security Day, CISO of Digital India of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Rudramurthy KG enlightens enterprise security heads on the changing cybersecurity landscape.

“The way forward? A single national institution to address all the facets of cybersecurity and cybercrime with right ‘collaboration’.”

Rudramurthy KG

CISO, Digital India, Ministry of Home Affairs

The government already has several endeavors in place, including the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (ICERT), which works on cybersecurity incidents and information security. Rudramurthy revealed that the government is looking to set up a National Cyber Coordination Center (NCCC) and a National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Center (NCIIPC) to provide more actionable alerts and ensure critical infrastructure protection.

According to him, while the plans are set in place, the challenges are galore like delay in decision making and investigation, lack of coordination, accountability, enforcement and integrated model, and duplicate investments and services.

“Creating multiple agencies also creates a lack of coordination, where one department is unaware of what the other is doing,” said Rudramurthy.

He envisions a strategy where all these agencies will not only be accountable and available across sectors at all times but also be a regulator to enforce and audit other bodies in time.

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Edited By : Vaishnavi J Desai