How enterprises should tackle evolving threats: Kunal Pande, KPMG

Kunal Pande, partner – IT advisory of KPMG illustrates how risks in the new age of robotics and AI need to be mitigated by enterprises.

With each new technological advancement, new risks arise, and enterprises have had to identify the weak links in their cybersecurity infrastructure to fix them. In recent times, traditional IT systems are exponentially being replaced by newer and more advanced models, with higher connectivity, and remote access to critical data, outside the traditional enterprise perimeter.

As enterprises become more agile and mobile, critical business data becomes more accessible. In the light of these changes, IT advisory partner at KPMG India, Kunal Pande highlighted the risks posed by the rampant growth of internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics.

“From being just an add-on for businesses, digital has now become a primary part of operations.”

Kunal Pande

Partner–IT Advisory, KPMG India

At the first edition of IDG Global Security Day’s India chapter, Pande began his discussion by emphasizing on the advantages of these new age technologies but warned companies of the possible disadvantages as well.

“While the advent of IoT is proving to be a boon for mankind, it could also turn out to be our worst nightmare if we do not identify and mitigate the risks that come along with it,” he said.

These technologies have enabled enterprises by increasing business productivity, reducing processing time and reducing operational cost. Pande broke down the typical vulnerabilities in these evolving technologies into insecure communications, missing authorization, issues with authentication, issues of privacy, and weak cryptography and default configuration.

These vulnerabilities are often backed by some typical challenges, including continuously evolving protocols, lack of security ownership and even lazy consumers of these technologies.

As a result, threats like ransomware, session hijacking, and brute force are on the rise. Pande advised enterprise security heads to focus not only on extended security coverage and securing data storage but also on identifying compliance regulations and laws and making patching a regular practice.

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Edited By : Vaishnavi J Desai