How organizations can accomplish business-driven security: Terence Gomes, RSA Security

With focussed adversaries with creativity, patience and persistence, the enterprise needs to now rethink their strategies to mitigate these threats, says Terence Gomes of RSA Security.

As a result of accelerated growth in cloud, mobile and IoT, the attack space of modern enterprises has grown exponentially. With a wide range of tools available, and creative and patient attackers, it is no surprise that most organizations are now completely rethinking their security strategies.

At IDG’s first edition of Global Security Day, Terence Gomes, head - channels and alliances of RSA Security, enlightened cybersecurity leaders on how business can drive enterprise security.

According to Gomes’ data, 70 percent of organizations report at least one security incident negatively impacting their operations in the past year and 90 percent of organizations are not satisfied with how quickly they can detect and investigate attacks.

“Despite all the money we have invested in security, it’s still too difficult to put security details in business context fast enough,” he said. Gomes remarked that while CEOs care about the impact of an incident on their business, they are indifferent to the exact cause, underlining the need to express the details of security in the language of business risk.

Over the years, the landscape of exclusion and inclusion has changed so drastically that the current scenario is complex, and lacks proper business context. Gomes added that business leaders must be enabled with a real view of risks, including information-related risk and its implications on all lines of business to be able to address large threats rapidly.

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