Event Coverage: IDG Security Day & CSO100 Awards

Catch all the updates from Vivanta at Taj, Surajkund as we honor India's best security experts at the 2nd annual edition of IDG Security Day and CSO100 Awards. 

5:51 PM |

Jaspreet Singh gives a quick reckoner on DPO appointment
1. DPO report to the highest member of the authority
2. Understand the laws of the land

5:43 PM |

10 commandments of GDPR


5:38 PM | 

Jaspreet Singh, Partner-CyberSecurity of EY talks about GDPR in India: Preparedness In India, Indian Enterprise


5:05 PM | 

Is Indian enterprise Blockchain ready? Panel discussion moderated by Shantheri Mallaya, Executive Editor, IDG Media


4:15 PM | 

How to be ready when the Data Privacy Act is passed:
1. Clarify, clarify, clarify your responsibility. Do a privacy compliance in your organization. Get your GDPR applicability right. 
2. Know your data's residence.
3. Have an electronic storage management policy.

4:11 PM |

Should CSO take a DPO role, asks Mali. Leave it to the legal guys and the combination may go haywire, suggests Mali.


4:10 PM | 

Majority of international crime a terrorism is supported by cryptocurrency. If you're a victim of cryptojacking, you're in deep trouble, says Mali.

4:05 PM | 

Mali says CSOs should carry an anticipatory bail, as the police and interpol mainly rely on electronic evidence.

4:01 PM | 

Where do you stand in a cyber warfare?
Prashant Mali, Cybersecurity Expert enlightens the audience at #IDGSecurityDay

4:00 PM | 

36 percent of respondents agree that their organization has been impacted by a recent security incident


3:58 PM | 

INSIDE THE CSO MIND-ROUND 2: Shantheri Mallaya, Executive Editor of IDG India helming the poll


3:45 PM | 

Kambli leaves the audience spellbound with an interesting food for thought:

Time an attacker will take to breach is: 1 hour 38 minutes

So, the benchmark:
Detect in a minute, investigate in 10 and remediate in 60.


3:34 PM | 

Ramanand Kambli and Satbir Singh of Crowdstrike take stage at IDG Security Day, held at Vivanta by Taj, Surajkund, Faridabad, NCR.

3:30 PM | The audience in apt attention at #IDGSecurityDay


3:28 PM | Ramanand Kambli and Satbir Singh of Crowdstrike take stage at IDG Security Day, held at Vivanta by Taj, Surajkund, Faridabad, NCR.

3:22 PM | A huge, huge shoutout to the master of ceremony, Vishal Rasquinha. 


3:19 PM | How Oracle's Trust Fabric works:
-Unified security across the entire cloud journey
-Secure the cloud and enterprise infrastructure
-Bridge both with hybrid

3:13 PM | Smart, self-healing and scalable is the new cloud to look at.

3:10 PM | Kalyanram urges CSOs to take a close look at the new perimeter to secure: Identity


3:08 PM | Hey! Thinking about cloud security? If you haven't already, Bharat Kalyanram, VP-Security and Identity will help you with it. Stay tuned!

2:56 PM | INSIDE THE CSO MIND: This year we are introducing a real time poll AT THE EVENT. The CSOs will respond to the questions flashed on screen. The response has been tremendous and may I say, interesting


2:51 PM | Shubhagata Kumar's key takeaways:
1. Do not overprotect, do not underprotect.
2. Run systems from multiple places. That'll help test your capability to respond and recover
3. The cliched "confidentiality, integrity and availability" still matter the most.


2:39 PM | The NIST framework should make inroads into the Indian cybersecurity space, says Kumar.

2:33 pm | Shubhagata Kumar, Director General and CISO of Govt of India speaks about the need for cybersecurity framework.


2:21 pm | Yogesh Gupta reveals interesting tidbits on security
-Security important as IT investment
-Insider threats still looming high

2:21 pm | Security has to be baked in before anything else says Yogesh Gupta, Executive Editor of IDG in his welcome address at IDG Security Day 2018


2:20 PM | Yogesh Gupta of IDG kickstarts the IDG Security Day with a welcome address

Thanks for joining us here on the live blog of IDG Security Day & CSO100 Awards

The magnificient event will 'Follow the Sun', covering most of the world's time zones. 

The first session general session will begin at 2 pm, Thursday, June 21st 2018 at Vivanta by Taj, Surajkund, NCR.   


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