Media Releases

Indian organizations lost Rs 12.8 crore on average to data breaches: Study

A data breach affected 35,636 records on an average in India. The country ranked 15th in terms of total cost of breach, according to a latest study by IBM. 

69 percent of companies believe AI-enabled cybersecurity is now an imperative: Study

Two in three organizations plan to deploy artificial intelligence to bolster their defense as soon as 2020, reveals a new study from the Capgemini Research Institute.

Researchers track down vulnerability in Siemens’ ICS software

The vulnerability, which impacts the same family of devices compromised in the Stuxnet attack, could be used as a stepping stone in a tailored attack against critical infra, with the potential for catastrophic damage.

Rise in cyberattacks designed to target SCADA and ICS: Report

The analysis found many attacks on OT systems that seems to target older devices running unpatched software.

Tech Mahindra, SSH to deploy cutting edge cybersecurity solutions

Through this partnership, Tech Mahindra will bolster its Identity and Access Management portfolio by adding two extensive enterprise solutions.

Gaming industry sees 12 billion cyber-attacks in 17 months: Report

During the same time period, Akamai saw a total of 55 billion credential stuffing attacks across all industries.

Latest cyberattack from the TrickBot malware family identified: Research

This variant has been written by developers with slick development skills wrapping its core functionality with a “Squirrel Shooting Game” code base to throw off initial analysis.

McAfee and AWS collaborate on database security

One of the biggest concerns enterprises have in migrating database workloads to the cloud is inadvertently losing the controls they might have on-premises.

Ransomware being customized by threat actors for high-value targets: Report

Previous high rates of ransomware have been replaced with more targeted attacks, but ransomware is far from gone, reveals a recent report by Fortinet 

A third of employees have access to files from former workplace: Kaspersky

A staggering third (33 percent) of workers still have access to files and documents from a previous employer, putting the integrity of data and company livelihood at risk.

F5 expands presence in India with new CoE

The new Center of Excellence for Product Development in Hyderabad aims to grow and scale F5’s software and cloud portfolio. 

6 best practices for password security to protect corporate data

Hackers maintain databases of the most common words, phrases, and number of combinations that they can run your password through to find a quick match.