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74 percent of OT organizations were breached in the past 12 months: Report

70 percent plan to roll cybersecurity under the CISO in the next year. However, only 9 percent of CISOs currently oversee OT cybersecurity, reveals a recent report by Fortinet. 

Fortinet May 03rd 2019 A-A+

The report revealed that cybersecurity must become a greater focus where operational technology is concerned, as 74% of OT organizations experienced a data breach in the last 12 months.

The breaches negatively impacted organizations in a myriad of ways, including a reduction in safety, productivity and revenue, the compromise of business-critical data, and damaged brand reputation. Considering these, it’s clear that OT organizations that do not prioritize cybersecurity as part of their IT and OT convergence strategy risk losing all of the benefits of this strategy when they encounter an attack.

Key OT Cybersecurity Findings

74% of OT organizations surveyed were breached in the past 12 months, resulting in data loss, operational disruptions or outages, and/or brand degradation. 

78% have limited centralized cybersecurity visibility.

64% struggle to keep up with change.

62% are increasing their cybersecurity budgets.

Breaches damaged:

• Productivity (43%) 
• Revenue (36%) 
• Brand Reputation (30%) 
• Business-Critical Data (28%) 
• Safety at Risk (23%)

70% plan to roll cybersecurity under the CISO in the next year. However, only 9% of CISOs currently oversee OT cybersecurity.

Security threats to Operational Technology networks, especially in critical infrastructures such as transportation, health, and energy, can have major consequences for ensuring the success of these organizations, as well as for the daily lives of the people those industries support. To help minimize this risk, this latest report from Fortinet provides a critical examination of key areas of vulnerability in order to help OT teams identify more effective ways to improve cybersecurity efforts in the industries they support.