100 million Quora users hit by massive data breach

Knowledge-sharing platform Quora targeted by hackers - user names, email IDs and encrypted passwords compromised. As of February 2018, there were an estimated 880,000 Quora users based in India.


As 2018 draws to a close, another massive data breach has shaken up the cybersecurity landscape.

The latest victim is the vastly popular knowledge-sharing platform, Quora.

In a statement, Quora disclosed that on Friday last week, a malicious third party gained access to its systems and stole user data. Quora suspects that the compromised data includes names, email IDs and encrypted passwords. It doesn’t stop at that though. 

The company also revealed that data imported from linked social networks, including contacts and other demographic information might also have been compromised. Additionally, public and non-public content and actions such as questions, answers, comments and upvotes were also compromised – a critical giveaway that could disclose political ideologies and preferences of users.

As of February 2018, there were an estimated 880,000 Quora users based in India. Quora claimed to have surpassed 200 million monthly users as of June 2017. India with 20.89 percent of Quora's user database ranks second only after the US. 

What’s Quora doing about it?

In his blog, Adam D'Angelo, CEO of Quora, said that the company is still investigating the precise causes of the data breach, and that in addition to law enforcement officials, the company has also roped in a leading digital forensics and security firm to investigate the breach.

To prevent further damage, Quora is logging out users who might have been affected. Even if a user is validated by a password, the company is in the process of invalidating it. Affected users will be notified with an email from Quora.