Cybersecurity advice: Tips from CSO100 India winners

IDG Security Day & CSO100 Awards recognize top CSOs and security leaders in India. Here, CSO100 Award winners share insights into establishing an optimum security posture for your organization.

Each year, on 21st June, IDG Security Day & CSO100 Awards & Symposium spotlights the endless efforts of top Chief Security Officers in india. In this section – we highlight advice from the CSO100 winners on the biggest cybersecurity concerns today, winning mantra, and tips on how to stay secure. 

Find out what your peers and security experts are doing to keep their organization safe in the face of emerging threats. To give us your inputs, connect with Principal Correspondent Apurva Venkat at:


Advice to CSOsVISH

Name: Pankaj Thakkar

Designation: Information Security Risk Expert - Global Business Services

Company: American Express

CSO100 Winner: 2018, 2017 

Strive to keep abreast of latest security technologies, breaches/incident trends in your respective industry, ever changing threat and risk landscape and stay aligned with the current business strategies. Build and maintain the trust of your business units so that they involve CISOs in the beginning itself and not for course correction. He also appreciated and encouraged CISOs to keep sharing their knowledge and experiences with others in the infosec fraternity.

CSO100 Winner's Profile:  Pankaj Thakkar



Winning Mantra for CSOsamar-h-shah

Name: Amar H Shah

Designation: Head of risk management and Information security

Company: Ashok Leyland

CSO100 Winner: 2018, 2017 

CISOs need to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets. Execution of this winning strategy can be done by deploying relevant cost-effective security solutions and processes. This facilitates the organisations to achieve its objectives efficiently

CSO100 Winner's Profile: Amar H Shah


Winning Mantra for CSOsVISH

Name:  Irshad Saifi

Designation: AVP – IT

Company: Havells India

CSO100 Winner: 2018, 2017 

It’s very important to get the buy-in at all the level’s in the enterprise to the last employee and everyone should perceive cybersecurity as a protecting arm for the enterprise.We need to stay ahead from the hackers to protect our enterprise.

CSO100 Winner's Profile: Irshad Saifi


Biggest Cybersecurity Concerns TodayVISH

Name:  Vishwas Pitre

Designation: VP-CISO & DPO

Company: Zensar Technologies

CSO100 Winner: 2018, 2017 

Scams with advanced social engineering tactics is one of the biggest cybersecurity concerns today. With the rise of AI and ML, such attacks are getting automated, thereby probability of attack vector gaining success increases. My best advice to CISOs is do the basics but ensure full coverage, build readiness for incident response and continuously improve cybersecurity posture.

CSO100 Winner's Profile: Vishwas Pitre


Winning Mantra for CSOsBSE

Name: Rohit Kachroo 

Designation: Group CISO

Company: Indiabulls Group

CSO100 Winner: 2018, 2017 

CISO must adopt a 360 degree view to lead digital transformation, establish compliance, and ensure cybersecurity posture to combat the dynamic cyber threat deluge. My winning mantra for cybersecurity - raise the bar of cyber awareness among leadership and be always ahead of the wave of cyber-attacks.

CSO100 Winner's Profile: Rohit Khachroo


Biggest Cybersecurity Concerns Today

Name: Shivkumar PandeyBSE

Designation: Group CISO

Company: BSE

CSO100 Winner: 2018, 2017 

The growing use of AI systems could lead to expansion of existing threats, introduction of new threats and a change in their typical character. Sophisticated ML-based attacks can be used by criminals to find zero-day vulnerabilities, and also to bypass advance defence in a short span as compared to today’s manual efforts.

CSO100 Winner's Profile: Shivkumar Pandey 


 Advice to CSOs 

Name: Sujoy BrahmachariSujoy-Brahmachari-Hero-Motocorp

Designation: Sr. GM- IS & CISO

Company: Hero MotoCorp

CSO100 Winner: 2018, 2017 

My advice to CSOs is very simple spend more time understanding the industry you’re in and the strategic direction and business priorities of the company. Make sure security does not become the road block but it facilitates the business to provide more reliable and robust services to users.

CSO100 Winner's Profile: Sujoy Brahmachari


Biggest Cybersecurity Concerns of Today

Name: Arathi RameshArathi-Ramesh-ANZ

Designation: Head of Information Security 

Company: ANZ Bangalore

CSO100 Winner: 2018, 2017 

Cyber-attacks will be more powerful because of artificial intelligence and so will cyber defence. AI systems will play a crucial role to handle cyber security fast and accurately enough which humans cannot. Machine learning technology will help automatically adapt to the changes in the issues as and when they happen. 

CSO100 Winner's Profile: Arathi Ramesh


Winning Mantra for CSOs 

Name: Satyanandan AtyamSujoy

Designation: Chief Risk Officer's 

Company: Max BUPA Healthcare Insurance

CSO100 Winner: 2018, 2017 

Keep focus on the baseline controls. Observe the threat landscape, assess the weakness of your cyber security posture and create preventive, detective and deterrent cyber security strategies. The biggest cyber security concerns today are people-awareness with users, information security and IT teams.

CSO100 Winner's Profile: Satyanandan Atyam