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Latest data breaches


April 2019

Toyota data breachToyota data breach

Japanese automaker, Toyota, announced on Saturday that a data breach resulted in the data of 3.1 million customers being compromised. This is in fact the second data breach the company faced in the last five weeks. 

Hackers reportedly violated the company’s IT systems and gained access to sensitive customer information from multiple sales subsidiaries, the most prominent amongst which is luxury car maker Lexus.

Toyota reports yet another data breach; 3.1 million customer accounts exposed


December 2018

quora-hackQuora breach 

Knowledge-sharing platform Quora targeted by hackers - user names, email IDs and encrypted passwords compromised. As of February 2018, there were an estimated 880,000 Quora users based in India.

100 million Quora users hit by massive data breach


September 2018

amazon-echoAmazon Echo 

Online security experts vpnMentor have investigated the accessibility of Amazon Echo by hacking into one unsuspecting family’s device, highlighting how easily it could be tampered with.

Security experts hack unsuspecting family’s Amazon Echo


British-airways-hackBritish Airways 

Cyber security firm, RiskIQ has released more details about the BA attack and linked it to Magecart, a hacker group specialising in skimming credit card details from unsecured payment forms on websites.

What is Magecart and was it behind the Ticketmaster and BA hacks?



August 2018


Earlier this week high street retailer Superdrug was contacted by a lone hacker claiming that they had stolen the personal information of up to 20,000 customers and demanded a ransom in exchange for the information. 

The curious case of the Superdrug 'hack


Cosmos-bankCosmos Bank

Between 11 and 13 August, hackers originating from Canada extracted Rs 78 crore from ATMs across 28 countries, including Canada, Hong Kong and India. An additional Rs 13.92 was transferred to a Hong Kong-based account on 13 August.

Pune-based Cosmos Bank loses Rs 94 crore to hackers



April 2018

supreme-courtSupreme Court of India

The Supreme Court website crashed on Thursday afternoon, minutes after the verdict in Justice B H Loya case was delivered. The website was offline and showed a message: “Site under maintenance.”

Supreme Court website reportedly hacked, post Justice Loya verdict


Government websites down; suspects Chinese hackers, and finally denies any hackGoI websites

About a dozen government websites including that of the defence ministry went down for more than eight hours last Friday, with rumors that they have been hacked by the Chinese. However, the government ruled-out any hacking.


Government websites down; suspects Chinese hackers, and finally denies any hack



March 2018

Nigerian hackers hack into’s servers, stealing 1 lakh resumes and contacting 10,000 job seekers for fake interviews. hacked; 1 lakh resumes stolen



rajya-sabha-websiteRajya Sabha website 

Hacker group Lulzsec India claims to have breached and gained access to the Rajya Sabha website. The website is supposed to be accessed only by the Rajya Sabha members and its administrators. Lulzsec India claims to have gained access by breaching into BJP President and Rajya Sabha member, Amit Shah’s account. 

Hacker group claims to have breached Rajya Sabha website


February 2018

aadhaar-hackedAadhaar hack 

A security researcher brings to light the absolute ease with which Aadhaar data can be accessed. French white hat hacker, Baptiste Robert breached Telangana government’s benefit disbursement portal, TSPost and exposed Aadhaar details of 56 lakh NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee scheme) beneficiaries, and an additional 40 lakh SSP (Social Security Pensions) legatees.

Aadhaar hack encore: Basic SQL injection exposes 96 lakh accounts