Disaster recovery

Bitdefender EDR is reality than a jargon: Zakir Rangwala

We have good success story with EDR through Bit Defender’s Ultra and elite versions implemented well by our channel partners, says Zakir Rangwala at BD Software Distribution. 

Veeam apologises for data leak, blames human error

Veeam has apologised for exposing 445 million customer records on an open server from Amazon Web Services, blaming the leak on “human error”.

Top bachelors and masters cybersecurity degree programs

These are some of the best on-campus and online cybersecurity degree programs helping to meet the cybersecurity job demand.

Sanjeeva Kumar

At Safexpress, Sanjeeva Kumar implemented an integrated SD-WAN capability an industry first, along with an enhanced security infrastructure and layering to overcome the challenge with improved availability, security and sizable network bandwidth cost optimization.

Sourabh Tiwari

Sourabh Tiwari led the implementation of hybrid cloud, disaster recovery project, network revamp and VAPT solution, creating an advanced data security framework at Overseas Infrastructure Alliance.

Sanjay Gurav

At Batlivala and Karani Securities, Sanjay Gurav implemented synchronized security to have the best defenses to coordinated attacks which keep changing rapidly.

Subhanil Banerjee

ABP was certified ISO 27001 under the leadership of Subhanil Banerjee. A Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution was implemented and a 24x7 SOC team accompanied by an incident management team has been engaged to monitor all incoming and outgoing traffic. 

Subhash Kumar Mishra

At Tata SIA Airlines (Air Vistara), Mishra implemented security measures—physical measures that protect premises, as well as logical controls that restrict access based on business needs— to provide robust controls around physical and logical access.


Does cyber insurance make us more (or less) secure?

Underwriting cyber risk remains more art than science, but in the absence of regulation, cyber insurance might still be the best hope for improving cybersecurity practices across the board — at least for now.

What is cyber resilience? Building cybersecurity shock absorbers for the enterprise

Sure, you’ve prepared for attacks and breaches, but how well can core business processes function when a crisis hits?

Aadhaar hack encore: Basic SQL injection exposes 96 lakh accounts

A security researcher brings to light the absolute ease with which Aadhaar data can be accessed.

Digitization will be at the core of our strategy: Anil Chaudhry, Schneider Electric

Anil Chaudhry, Country President & MD, Schneider Electric India asserts that Schneider Electric, we will continue to support organizations to create futuristic and energy efficient data center infrastructure.