Physical security

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Now’s the time to take charge of security: get ahead of attacks before they happen.

We will continue to encounter the types of historic breaches we’ve seen in the past, like the memcached-fueled 1.3 Tbps attacks in February 2018. Learn how to protect your organization at the edge. 

Security investigator confronts Wipro on breach incident during investors’ call

Cybersecurity investigator Brian Krebs put Wipro in a tough spot by bringing up a critical data breach in the midst of a quarterly earnings call. Wipro called the incident a zero-day attack and has employed a forensic investigator to probe the incident.

Google expands cloud security capabilities, including simpler configuration

New tools and services will help make it easier for enterprises to manage security with Google products as well as with Amazon and in their own private clouds and applications.

You can now use your Android phone as a security dongle for two-factor authentication

Google has implemented a new method of two-factor authentication, using an Android phone as a stand-in for a hardware dongle.

Former CISO of Marvel Data Sciences Deepak Kalambkar joins SafexPay

With over 20 years of experience, industry veteran Deepak Kalambkar has moved from Marvel Data Services to SafexPay. 

New CISA director outlines top 5 priorities for protecting U.S. critical infrastructure

CISA’s Christopher Krebs has a two-year plan for his new cybersecurity agency, with China, supply chain and 5G as top priorities.

The cybersecurity legislation agenda: 5 areas to watch

The 116th Congress is only a few months old, but far-reaching cybersecurity bills to protect infrastructure and the supply chain, ensure election integrity, and build a security workforce are now being considered. Here’s the list.

5 predictions expected to shape the security industry in 2019

Risk of breaches increase, which is why the trend in 2019 is around strengthening the cybersecurity of networked devices.

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Detecting targeted attacks with broad context Detection™

"Any organization not running a breach detection solution (or not having performed a recent investigation) must, in this day and age, assume they're in a post-breach state."

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Are you prepared for evolving threats?

With attacks becoming more sophisticated, do you have the framework, processes, skilled resources and tools to protect your digital assets?

Human behaviour is the new perimeter: Matt Moynahan, Forcepoint

Digital identities will be the ultimate weapon for CSOs against the hackers says Matt Moynahan, CEO, Forcepoint.

Does Facebook even need a CSO?

Maybe not, says Twitter’s former CISO, but there are risks with Facebook's move from a centralized to a distributed security model in the wake of Alex Stamos's departure.