New IoT vulnerabilities allow hackers access to consumers’ personal lives

McAfee researchers have uncovered two new vulnerabilities within connected devices that allow hackers access to the personal lives of consumers.

The cybersecurity legislation agenda: 5 areas to watch

The 116th Congress is only a few months old, but far-reaching cybersecurity bills to protect infrastructure and the supply chain, ensure election integrity, and build a security workforce are now being considered. Here’s the list.

Cyber criminals cash in on millions with formjacking: Report

Faced with diminishing returns from ransomware and cryptojacking, cyber criminals are doubling down on alternative methods, such as formjacking, to make money. 

IoT botnets target enterprise video conferencing systems

WootCloud researchers have discovered a trio of IoT botnets based on Mirai that exploit Polycom video conferencing systems. Polycom has issued an advisory and best practices for mitigating the risk.

Indian Oil’s LPG flagship – Indane puts an estimated 6.7M Aadhaar numbers at risk

Indian Oil denies leaking Aadhaar and personal data of an estimated 6,791,200 Indane users in face of irrefutable evidence. 

Attackers place cryptojacking apps in the Microsoft App Store

Microsoft has removed eight applications from its app store for Windows that were mining Monero cryptocurrency without users' knowledge.

Data breaches exposed 5 billion records in 2018

New report from Risk Based Security shows a downward trend in number breaches and exposed records, Unclear if privacy regulations like GDPR are having an effect.

Network Intelligence and Tripwire partner on industrial security

This strategic partnership will enable Network Intelligence to monitor and protect customers' operational technology (OT) networks using Tripwire’s solutions.

Patches & updates: Latest news on cybersecurity patches, updates and bug fixes released by enterprise security vendors and researchers

The update on latest patches and bug fixes from India and around the globe for critical vulnerabilities, malware attacks, security loopholes and system improvements for information security professionals, researchers and technology leaders. 



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Add cybersecurity to Doomsday Clock concerns, says Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

The Doomsday Clock, once a ritual feature of the Cold War, warns that cybersecurity issues like IoT and cyber-enabled information warfare endanger humanity.