IDG Security Day

Cyber-security - Changing paradigm in the world of IoT, AI and Robotics - Kunal Pande

Kunal Pande’s (Partner, KPMG) session is about the changing paradigm in the world of IoT, AI and robotics, their exponential speed in terms of time and the falling cost of these new technologies.

Digital India: Vision for an enduring cyber security framework - Rudra Murthy KG

Rudra Murthy KG, Chief Information Security Officer "Digital India", Ministry of Home Affairs, discusses about his recent research pertaining to cyber security posture in India, which essentially focuses on the integrated model and the institutional requirement and arrangement to address all the facets of cyber security and cyber crime for the nation.

Changing security perspectives - Terence Gomes

Terence Gomes, Channels Head, RSA, sheds light on how security is associated with business risk and how RSA helps organizations analyze these risks and react fast.

Cyber security in the GST era - Sivarama Krishnan

Sivarama Krishnan, Cyber Security Leader, PWC India, speaks about the impact of GST on cyber security of an organization and the risks which they might have to bear.

Design of Smart and Inclusive Republic and related Concerns of Big Data, Information Security- Charru Malhotra

Charru Malhotra speaks about how India requires a ‘smart republic’ rather than smart cities which are largely dependent on technology, and the related concerns of big data and information security. 

Security frameworks in the Telecom Sector- Challenges, Innovations and Initiatives- Siva Sivasubramaniam

Siva Sivasubramanian’s session revolves around telecommunication security frameworks and the challenges and issues around it.